Hey hello

Well hello there fellows,

 My first log on this site, actually even my first log ever. Kind of scary I guess.  

But hey let's do this.

 Let me start with the beginning of this wonderful creature being born. I was born, you probaly heared the angels singing that day, at 10. Novembre 1996. That makes me 18 be now. No, you didn't hear them singing? Then you must be or deaf or you wasn't born yet. That wonderful autumn day I remember as good as the day I was born. 

I live in the most boring country ever, I mean seriously a star like me should be living in some big city like LA. But I'm just gratefull I'm born in a place where we have it good. We have food, shelter, money. That's something a big part of the world can not say. So I'm thankfull.

Why do I write in English? Hm, because I'm stupid. I guess that's the main reason and because I want people from over the world to read my shit. But I don't realise that this is a dutch website..

It's time for my to go to sleep now. Maybe I will do this again sometime, just going to watch how it goes after this one.

Take care,


Beth Juliana Kus